Clinics of Periodontology

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Outfitted with the latest equipment and infrastructure, these clinics are where students learn how to diagnose different types of periodontal diseases and to evaluate their severity. Students are also taught about local drug delivery for periodontal diseases, mucosal surgery, and maintenance of implants. Additionally, they also learn how to educate patients about their oral health. 

Treatment / Services Offered

Sl NoTreatment / Services Offered
1Ultrasonic Scaling
2Local Drug delivery
3Frenectomy, Depigmantation, Operculectomy
4Surgical Crown lengthning
5LASER Therapy
6Minor Periodontal Surgeries, 
7Regenarative Therapy using Bone Grafts
8Flap Surgeries
9Surgeries with Electrocautery /​loops
10Mucogingival Surgeries
11Dental Implants
12Resective Osseus Surgeries


Particulars of Equipment at Clinics
S. No.NAMEAvailability
1.Dental Chairs and UnitsElectrically operated with shadowless lamp, spittoon, 3 way syringe, instrument tray and motorized suction, micromotor attachment with contra angle handpiece,air rotor attachment, ultrasonic scaler (Piezo) with detachable autoclavable handpiece37
2.Autoclave (fully automatic) front loading2
3.Steel bin6
4.Airoter hand pieces2
5.UV chamber1
6.Formalin chamber1
7.W.H.O probe2
8.Nabers probe2
9.Williams probe4
10.UNC-15 probe4
11.Gold Man fox probe2
12.Pressure sensitive probe2
13.Marquis color coded probe2
14.Supra gingival scalers4
15.Sub gingival scaler4
16.Arkansas sharpening stone1
17.Routine surgical instrument kit (Benquis periosteal elevator, periotome)4
18.Surgery trolleys6
19.X ray viewer2
20.Surgical cassette with sterilisation pouches6
21.Electro surgery unit1
22.Kirkland’s knife2
23.Orban’s knife2
24.Paquette blade handle2
25.Krane kaplan pocket marker1
26.Mc Calls universal curettes1
27.Gracey’s curettes (No.1 – 18)3
28.Mini five curettes2
29.Cumine scaler2
32.Ochsenbein chisel1
33.Schluger bone file2
34.Bone trephines for harvesting autografts1
35.Bone regenerative materials10
36.Local drug delivery systems1
37.Root conditioning agent2
38.Micro needle holder1
39.Micro scissors1
40.Magnifying loop (2.5 – 3.5)3
41.Bone graft / membrane placement spoon1
42.Bone condenser1
43.Soft tissue laser (8 watt)1
Weekdays 9 am to 4.30 pm
Saturdays: 9 am to 1:30 pm