Careers and Openings

The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is an equal opportunity employer that welcomes individuals who are committed to changing the world, one student at a time.

The Faculty of Dental Sciences is home to experienced and knowledgeable professionals. As active practitioners, our faculty members are able to adroitly guide students into making the transition from academia to practice. At FDS, they are also given the opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research while shaping the next generation of dental health professionals. 

We welcome good clinians with a passion for teaching and research. A deep knowledge of their field of study is a must, as is the initiative to remain up-to-date through training programs and seminars. We are looking for self-motivated, life-long learners with the skills and knowledge to adapt their teaching to different media (including online). Expertise on digital solutions in dentistry are appreciated.

Health Profession Education Unit

A faculty development initiative, the Health Profession Education Unit (HPEU) trains professors and faculty members in imparting a patient- and student-centric education. It is also actively involved in curricular reform to ensure that the education students receive is current and comprehensive. 

Careers at RUAS

RUAS aims to create a workplace that taps into an individual’s potential, ensures their continued growth and development, and offers them a platform to shape tomorrow by shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

The University has formulated a host of well-planned policies, initiatives, and schemes to ensure the wellbeing of all its employees. These include training programs, faculty exchange programs, health benefits, and research opportunities.