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The undergraduate and postgraduate clinics of the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry are furnished with the equipment and tools necessary to diagnose and manage oral health problems in children and individuals with special needs. 

Students interact directly with the patients and learn firsthand about the management of behavioural issues and patient fears in a dental set up. They are also taught about risk assessment and clinical diagnosis of common oral health problems witnessed in children. 

Treatment / Services Offered

Sl NoTreatment / Services Offered
1Infant Oral Health Care
2Preventive Dental Care
3Peadiatric Endodontics
4Comprehensive Oral Care for Children
5Special Care Dentistry for differently abled children
6Dental Treatment under General Aneasthesia
7Preventive Orthodontics
8Interceptive Orthodontics
9Peadiatric Aesthetic Dentistry
10School Dental Health Programme


Particulars of Equipment at Clinics
S. No.NAMEAvailability
1.Dental Chairs and Units Electrically operated with shadowless lamp, spittoon, 3 way syringe, and motorised suction, micromotor attachment with contra angle miniature handpiece,airotor attachment with miniature handpiece, dental operater stool 33
2.Pedo extraction forceps sets4
3.Autoclaves for bulk instrument sterilization vacuum (Front loading)2
4.VISTA Scan & Portable X Ray unit1
5.Automatic developer1
6.Pulp tester4
7.Apex locator4
8.Rubber dam kit18
9.Injectable GP condenser2
10.Endodontic pressure syringe4
11.Glass bead steriliser6
12.Spot welder4
13.Ultrasonic scalers4
14.Needle destroyer4
15.Formalin chamber3
16.Ultrasonic cleaner capacity 3.5 lts4
17.X‑ray viewer18
19.Plaster dispenser4
20.Dental lathe2
22.Typodonts1 per PG
23.Soldering unit1
24.Band pinching beak pliers4 Sets
25.Proximal contouring pliers4 Sets
26.Crown crimping pliers4 Sets
27.Double beak pliers anterior and posterior4 Sets
28.Lab micro motor4
30.Magnifying loupes4
31.Conscious sedation unit1
32.Pulse oximeter2
33.Phantom head table with attached Light, Airotor and micro motor1 per PG 
34.Computer with internet connection with attached printer and scanner06
35.LCD projector1
37.School Dental Van1
Weekdays 9 am to 4.30 pm

Saturdays: 9 am to 1:30