Clinics of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has two clinics – an undergraduate clinic and a postgraduate clinic that comes with a well-equipped minor operation theatre. 

Students are introduced to dental procedures and surgeries in these clinics. They learn to perform extractions and minor surgical procedures. Working under the close guidance of experienced professionals, students learn to navigate the complexity of surgeries while also keeping in mind protocols and procedures, like infection control. 

The learning and experiences students receive in these clinics are foundational and play a determining role in their outlook and approach as dental care professionals. 

Treatment / Services Offered

Sl NoTreatment / Services Offered
1Maxillofacial Trauma
2Surgeries for Jaw Tumours & Oral Cancer
3Facial deformity corrections
4TMJ Surgeries
5Cleft lip and Palate surgeries
6Facial Aeshetic Surgeries
7Hairfall Treatment
8Surgical Extractions
9Dental Implants
10Reconstructive Surgeries
1124×7 A & E care available


Particulars of Equipment at Clinics
1.Dental Chairs and Units- Electrically operated with shadowless lamp, spittoon, 3 way syringe, instrument tray and high motorised suction, with micromotor and micro motor attachment34
4.Oscillating saw, Reciprocating, Saggital saw with module1
5.Surgical instruments —
General surgery kit including tracheotomy kit,2
Minor oral surgery kit10
Osteotomy kit1
6.Cleft surgery kit2
Bone grafting kit1
Emergency kit1
Trauma set including bone plating kit2+3
Implantology kit with implants2+10
7Distraction osteogenesis kit1
8.Piezo surgical unit1
9.Surgical Magnifying loops 3x1
10.Operating microscope and Microsurgery kit1
12.Needle destroyer3
13.Ultrasonic Cleaner capacity 3.5 lts1
14.Formalin chamber1
15.Pulse oxymeter/​NIBP2
17.Major operation theatre with all facilities as per MCI guidelines1
18.Recovery and Intensive Care Unit with all necessary life support equipments4
19.Fiber optic light1
20.In-patient beds20
21.Fiber optic laryngoscope1
22.Computer with internet connection with attached printer and scanner2
23.LCD projector1
Weekdays 9 am to 4.30 pm

Saturdays: 9 am to 1:30 pm