Clinics of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

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Students of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics put their theoretical, classroom learning to practice in the two clinics of the Department. 

The undergraduate and postgraduate clinics are well-equipped with the latest in equipment and infrastructure. Students learn under the careful guidance of experienced professionals and deal with manifestations of both carious and non-carious lesions. They also learn to perform endodontic procedures on adults and the geriatic population. 

Treatment / Services Offered

Sl NoTreatment / Services Offered
1Root Canal Treatment
2Teeth Whitening
3Smile Designing
5Periapical Surgeries
7Tooth Coloured restorations
8Inlays and Olays
10Endodontics under Microscope


Particulars of Equipment at Clinics
1.Dental Chairs and Units — Electrically operated with shadowless lamp, spittoon, 3 way syringe, instrument tray and motorized suction, micromotor, airotor attachment with hand pieces (Fibre optic) and scaler19+17
2.ENDOSONIC HANDPIECES – Micro endosonic Tips, retro treatment03
3.Mechanised rotary instruments including hand pieces (speed and torque control) and hand instruments various systems09
4.Rubber dam kit02
5.Autoclaves for bulk instrument sterilization vacuum (Front loading)03
6.Autoclaves for handpiece sterilization02
7.Apex locators04
8.Pulp tester04
9.Equipment for injectable thermoplasticised gutta percha03
10.Operating microscopes 3 step or 5 step magnification02
11.Surgical endo kits (Microsurgery)02
12.Set of hand cutting instruments02
13.Sterilizer trays for autoclave06
14.Ultrasonic cleaner capacity 3.5 lts1
15.Variable Intensity polymerization equipment — VLC units4
16.Needle destroyer2
17.Magnifying loupes2
18.LCD projector1
19.Composite kits with different shades and polishing kits2
20.Ceramic finishing kits, metal finishing kits2
21.Amalgam finishing kits4
22.RVG with x‑ray machine developing kit1
23.Bleaching unit1
24.Instrument retrieval kits with Piezo Electric ultrasonic tips05
25.Computer with internet connection with attached printer and scanner02
27.Equipment for casting procedures
28.Equipment for ceramics including induction casting machines/​burnout preheat furnaces/​wax elimination furnaces01
29.Lab micro motor/​metal grinders / sand blasters/​polishing lathes/​duplicator equipment/​vacuum investment equipment02
30.Laser (preferably hard tissue)01
31.Face bow with semi adjustable articulator01
32.GP cutter04
33.Proffin system01
Weekdays 9 am to 4.30 pm
Saturdays: 9 am to 1:30 pm