Kaiwara Outreach Centre

FDS’s Outreach Centre was established in 1999 in the small town of Kaiwara, located northeast of Bangalore. 

The Centre started with just two dental chairs and has today grown to eight dental chairs that cater to a population with limited access to quality healthcare. Managed by two highly experienced clinicians, it undertakes everything from preventive care to maintenance. Individuals and families from Kaiwara and surrounding villages flock to the Centre for the comprehensive set of specialised oral healthcare services offered. The Centre also conducts oral health programs for Spandana, a school for special children, and organises camps that focus on oral cancer, cleft lip and palate, and dentures. 

The Centre also maintains a database of cases of oral cancer, recording instances of premalignant and malignant cases along with their biopsy reports. These patients are then referred to the Ramaiah Dental Hospital for treatment.

Over the years, the Centre has contributed in raising awareness on dental health issues and has improved access, affordability, and availability of care to local populations, thus achieving its objective of serving the underserved. 

Today, the Centre serves 30 – 40 patients a day. Plans are currently underway to develop an attached Oral Cancer Prevention Centre as well. 

The Faculty of Dental Sciences is among the few dental institutions in the state to have a structured outreach centre that meets the training and social service requirements crucial to a holistic dental education. The Outreach Centre offers students a unique experience, giving them the opportunity to learn and practice even as it helps them develop an empathetic attitude towards their patients.