Danta Bhagya Yogane (Geriatric Care)

Danta Bhagya Yogane is yet another avenue through which the Faculty of Dental Sciences seeks to serve the underprivileged geriatric population of the state. 

It is one of the first few state government schemes that caters to the oral health needs of senior citizens. Launched in 2014 and brought into effect in 2015, the scheme brings together private dental colleges and government hospitals in a concerted effort to treat BPL card holders with complete or partial teeth loss. The implementation of the scheme is overseen by the state government’s Oral Health Policy Committee. 

As per the MoU between FDS and the Government of Karnataka, the Faculty’s Department of Prosthodontics works closely with government hospitals and clinics in rural Karnataka. The Department also conducts three-day long outreach and screening camps in Chickballapur, Avallahalli, Hoskote, Chintahman, and Battallahalli. 

Individuals with complete or partial teeth loss are identified and brought to the district or taluka hospital. Once here, the members of the Department treat them with partial or complete dentures. The treatment and the dentures are completely free of cost for patients. Those who require clinical intervention are brought to the hospital. Their transport and food is taken care of by the Department. 

The Government of Karnataka has recognised and awarded the stellar work done by the Department in completing the highest number of cases under the scheme for two years.