Service to society is the driving philosophy of the Ramaiah Group. At RUAS too, we believe that there is only way to progress: together. 

FDS’s commitment towards the upliftment of all sections of society is evident in the host of outreach activities and programs it has undertaken. Each seeks to improve the oral and dental health of underserved communities, offering them access to quality healthcare and — by extension — a better quality of life. 

Kaiwara Outreach Centre

Established in the town of Kaiwara in 1999, the Outreach Centre offers comprehensive oral healthcare services that range from preventive care to maintenance. The Centre caters to 30 – 40 patients a day, improving access, affordability, and availability of care to local populations. 

Danta Kavacha

Started by the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Danta Kavacha is a program that provides free and comprehensive dental care for children of government schools in Karnataka. Implemented in association with the Department of Education of the Government of Karnataka, the program has so far screened 18,512 students and treated 9,588 of them.

Danta Bhagya Yogane

Danta Bhagya Yogane is a geriatric care program initiated by the Government of Karnataka. As part of the program, underprivileged senior citizens with partial or complete teeth loss are treated with dentures at no charge. The costs for treatment and transport are borne by the Department.

The Government of Karnataka has recognised and awarded the stellar work done by the Department in completing the highest number of cases under the scheme for two years. 

Community Engagement by RUAS

The University has organised and implemented numerous activities that focus on the welfare and upliftment of society. These include mandatory Service to Society’ programs for all students, as well as initiatives like awareness drives and blood donation camps.