RUAS inter-college fest IMPRESSIONS 2022, a three-day cultural extravaganza, was held on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of September, an event curated by DreamSwitch Productions, sponsored by media partner Red FM, Food partner Popeyes, and hosted by the Faculty of Dental Sciences, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences. RUAS received registrations across 18 colleges across the state, that participated in a total of 19 events.

Day 1

On the first day of this cultural fest, 21st September 2022, the event was flagged off with an in-house curtain-raising ceremony with our former dean of FDS, Dr. B V Sreenivas Murthy, being the Guest of Honour. The occasion was flagged off by dean FDS, all Heads of Department, Faculty & students of FDS. We started with the planned events for the day, namely Artodontics, Pictionary, Face painting and Debate, which were held in the Faculty of Dental Sciences, RUAS. The theme for this day was Festive wear, with all participants, students and faculty dressed in their festive best. Creative writing in English, Hindi and Kannada, was conducted via online mode. 

There was a total of 24 teams (maximum of 3 members per group) for Artodontics, the first event of the day, which was conducted in the Pre-Clinical Prosthodontics lab. The judging criteria were based on creativity, aesthetics, and execution skills. The judge for this offstage event was none other than our former Dean, Dr. B V Sreenivas Murthy Sir, and the best three entries were judged winners, who received certificates and mementos.

The next event for the day was Pictionary, a fun game in which the players advance by successfully identifying the words represented by pictures drawn by the other players. This event was conducted in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, RUAS. A total of 26 teams (maximum 4 per team) took part in this game. The game advanced by 3 levels, the first level being the elimination round, where 13 teams were eliminated. In round two, the fellow participants had to draw the picture with their non-predominant hand, and in round three the participants had to draw the word while being blindfolded. The chairperson for this event was Dr. Madhavi Naidu.

Post lunch we had the third event of the day, which was Face Painting and Face Make-up. The theme given was Under the Sea’. A total of 15 teams participated in this competition which was conducted in the Dental Materials Lab. The participants painted the models in various styles, exhibiting their creative talents and expression. This event was judged by Dr. Sharanya and the best depictions were awarded.

The day ended with a fun session of debate that involved a team of students working effectively to convince the judge that their side of the resolution or topic is, as a general principle, more valid. The event was conducted in Gurukula, Faculty of Dental Sciences and the judges for the event were Mrs. Farhat Begum, Head of RUAS Debate Club and Mrs. Sandhya Anil Kumar, FHMCT. A total of 12 teams took part in this event. The topic was given half an hour prior to the event starting, and the teams were well prepared and undoubtedly convinced the audience of their beliefs and views. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions and voice modulation. The competition was an enthralling experience for the speakers as well as the audience.

Day 2

The second day of the fest began with Solo and Duet singing which was held in the Dwaraka Auditorium. The event was judged by Dr. Shwetha V, Dr. Hema Seshan and Mr. Raju and a total of 28 participants took part, where the talented singers displayed their skills. They sang passionately and with great enthusiasm setting a great start for the day. Then we had our inaugural program which was kickstarted by a curtain raiser ceremony by our Chief Guest Mr. Sachin Cheluvaraya. We were blessed by the presence of our honourable Vice Chancellor, Professor Kuldeep Kumar Raina, Pro Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences Dr. O P Kharbanda, and Dr Medha Rao, Dean Academics. The chief guest of the event was Kannada Cine star Mr. Sachin Cheluvarayaswamy and the Guests of Honour were Kannada Cine star Mr. Manoj Kumar and Music Director Mr. Shashank Sheshagiri, who was accompanied by Dr. Chaitra. We started with an invocation dance on Ganesha Vandana by Dr. Dalia and team, seeking the blessings of the Almighty followed by the lighting of the lamp. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Silju Mathew, Dean, FDS, RUAS. The Chief Guest and dignitaries addressed the gathering and conveyed their best wishes for the success of the programme. 

Simultaneously, the offstage events for the second day were taking place in the Faculty of Dental Sciences, RUAS. The theme for the second day was Floral wear. The first offstage event conducted on day 2, was Quiz. The event was conducted in Gurukula. A total of 17 teams took part in the competition and the rounds were judged by Dr. Karishma Jagadeesh from the Department of Prosthodontics. The participants were made to play four rounds, a written round, a visual round, a round of pounce, and a rapid-fire round. The enthusiasm of the participants, especially the team of staff was evident throughout the event. the event progressed smoothly and was concluded on a high note after the intense final round.

The second offstage event for the day was Pyrophobhic Gastronome. This event consisted of a total of 18 teams who took part in the competition and the event was judged by Mr. Gopala Krishna, of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, and Chef Mr. Sridhar from Hotel Management. The participants were asked to get creative and cook without the use of heat in any form. They were given an hour to prepare and present their dishes, and were judged based on their presentation, execution, and taste. The event proceeded smoothly with the cooperation of the enthusiastic participants who made delicious sweets & savouries, making the event a grand success.

Meanwhile, we had a spectacular mime performance as a filler, put up by Dr. Akriti and the team, which was entertaining and engaged the audience. The solo and duet dance events started around mid-day and had a total of 18 participants in the solo category and 4 participants for the duet category, and the judges for the event were Dr. Sharanya, Ar. Pavana Khodanpur and Dr. Karishma. The participants presented an array of diverse dance forms from Indian classical dance to contemporary choreographies, from urban hip-hop to break dance, all of this in one stage, in one mega event. followed by this we had a skit competition between FDS, RUAS and Presidency University. Both the university brought up a tough competition with their excellent stage performance, admiring dialogue delivery and a catchy storyline. We also had a set of online events namely creative writing, photography, reels contest along with short film competition. The photography and Reels participants uploaded their entries on our official Instagram page Impressions2022 and the entries with the maximum number of likes were declared the winners. The Creative writing competition aimed to
encourage and expand the innovative and creative thinking among the participants, offering them the opportunity to express their unique thoughts while writing in English, Hindi and Kannada. The topics given for the competition were – Dentistry and an important life choice you’ve made. The second day of impressions 2022 ended with a hilarious and exhilarating Comedy evening featuring Mr. Rahul Robin. He has an established YouTube channel and has performed shows with various other talented artists. He took the crowd through a rollercoaster ride of laughter with his ever-so-relatable stories with each of them sharing a comical punchline. As the day progressed, we had a musical evening with Aditya & team. He, along with his very melodious band mesmerized the audience in no time leaving them wanting for more. The team orchestrated a variety of songs in three different languages. Finally, the evening concluded with a gala night played by DJ Oppozit, a well-renowned DJ famous for playing across various clubs in the city of Bengaluru. His doughty spirit and extreme talent got the entire crowd onto the dance floor. Grooving to the fun beats the Gala night’ brought an end to the very exciting Day 2 of Impressions 2022.

Day 3

The third day of Impressions 2022, housed the much-awaited battle of bands, group dance, and fashion show. The third day began with a sonorous mix of melodious harmony performed by various teams for the group singing event. It was followed by the epic battle of the bands! A high-energy show was put up by the rock stars who performed phenomenally well. The musical events were judged by Dr. Suma and Mr Tabun Chakraborty.

After the musicians played their tunes, it was time for the dancers to set the stage on fire! The group dance event had 7 participating teams, that gave jaw-dropping performances for which the audience never stopped clapping and cheering them on! The judging panel for this event was RJ Shayan, from our official radio partner 93.5 Red FM, Sneha Bhagwat, and Pooja Malnad.

A gallant walk by the staff from the Faculty of Dental Sciences, RUAS inaugurated the mega fashion show event. A total of 11 teams from various colleges and universities participated in the fashion show. At no point, did the cheers of support stop as the competitors dazzled the audience with their glamorous costumes, inspiring storylines, and a very confident ramp walk. The show was concluded by a walk by the UG students of the Faculty of Dental sciences RUAS followed by prize distribution. The winners received certificates, mementos and cash prizes of ₹15000, ₹ 10,000 and ₹5000 respectively for the 1st,2nd & 3rd prizes. Finally, the amazing evening came to an end with an exhilarating performance by Mannat the band who performed various songs including Hindi, English and Kannada songs of all genres for about 100 minutes.

The three-day grand event came to a closure with the fashion show and concert night. A inter collegiate event of this grand scale would not have been possible without the blood and sweat of the core team leading up to the success of this mega event